About Us

Our Mission

The purpose of this 501(c)3 charitable organization, based in Buffalo, is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in the community by providing resources, support, and assistance through fundraising and community outreach. Our mission is to bring awareness to local issues, provide a platform for community members to come together and give back, and ultimately make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Our fundraising efforts will be focused on supporting local initiatives, such as education programs, food insecurity initiatives, and support for families in crisis. We believe that by working together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community and make a lasting difference in the lives of those around us.

Martin Vidal

Martin Vidal-Engaurran


CEO/ President of Trusted Nurse Staffing

Martin's Bio

Martin, the visionary and dedicated leader behind Trusted Nurse Staffing, embodies the essence of fearlessness and tenacity. With a profound passion for healthcare and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Martin embarked on his journey in 2008 to create a company that would redefine the healthcare staffing industry.

From the humble beginnings of Trusted Nurse Staffing, Martin’s visionary leadership has been the driving force behind its remarkable growth and success. He painstakingly built the company from the ground up, establishing a legacy of integrity, quality, and trust that is renowned throughout the healthcare community.

What truly sets Martin apart is his remarkable ability to foster an impeccable reputation and cultivate an extraordinary company culture that his team lives and breathes every single day. Under his guidance, Trusted Nurse Staffing has become synonymous with professionalism, reliability, and compassion, making it a beacon of hope for healthcare professionals and facilities alike.

Martin’s commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community has been a driving force throughout his life. Recognizing the power of collaboration and corporate responsibility, he took a bold step in founding Trusted GIVES, a charitable initiative that channels the strength of corporate relationships to drive positive change where it’s needed most in our community.

With a deep-seated belief in the importance of giving back, Martin harnessed the resources and partnerships cultivated through Trusted Nurse Staffing to create Trusted GIVES. This philanthropic endeavor serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

Martin’s vision extends far beyond business success; it extends to creating a brighter, more compassionate world. Through Trusted GIVES, he has brought together a network of like-minded individuals and organizations, each committed to making a positive difference. This collaborative approach has transformed countless lives and exemplifies the true spirit of community engagement.



Michael O’Leyar

Michael O’Leyar


CFO of Trusted Nurse Staffing

Michael's Bio

Mr. O’Leyar embarked on his journey with Highview Healthcare in October 2011, where he initially assumed the role of Financial Administrator. His relentless dedication to financial excellence and astute acumen quickly propelled him through the ranks, with promotions to Financial Controller in January 2013 and Vice President in June 2014.

Throughout his career at Highview Healthcare, Mr. O’Leyar’s primary mission has been to eliminate unnecessary expenditures while implementing standardized processes that facilitate the organization’s seamless growth. His unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility and efficiency has significantly contributed to the company’s success.

The world of accounting and finance has long held a special place in Mr. O’Leyar’s heart. This passion was ignited during his formative years when he secured a highly competitive internship at Smith Barney, an experience that exposed him to the intricacies of the financial services industry and crystallized his career aspirations.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. O’Leyar places immense importance on giving back to his community. He dedicates his free time to volunteering with various organizations in Buffalo, enriching the lives of those he serves. Furthermore, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as a guest speaker at the same business academy that once guided him in his youth, inspiring and mentoring the next generation of aspiring financial leaders.


Shannon Schunke

Vice President

Executive Assistant at Trusted Nurse Staffing

Shannon's Bio

From Orchard Park, NY, Shannon has been an integral part of Trusted Nurse Staffing since April 2022.  As the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Martin Vidal, Shannon plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization.

Before joining Trusted Nurse Staffing, Shannon made a significant impact in the healthcare and education sectors.  She served as the Executive Director for PUCCS (Program for Understanding Childhood Concussion and Stroke), where she passionately educated children about the importance of recognizing concussions and the potential dangers of leaving them untreated.  Her dedication to promoting child safety and well-being made a positive difference in many young lives.

Prior to her work at PUCCS, Shannon was on staff at Dent Neurological Institute.  There, she took charge of various responsibilities, including purchasing, project management, and facilities management.  Her meticulous approach and commitment to excellence contributed significantly to the institute’s operational efficiency and success.

As life presented new opportunities, Shannon decided to prioritize her family and embrace the role of a stay-at-home mom.  During this time, she discovered her love for baking and unleashed her creativity to establish her own baking business called The Devil’s Pantry.

Now, Shannon brings her diverse experiences and unwavering determination to Trusted GIVES.  Her multifaceted background, coupled with her genuine passion for making a positive impact, will make her an indispensable asset to the organization.

Jessica Mandrino

Jessica Mandrino


Community & Engagement Manager at Trusted Nurse Staffing

Jessica's Bio

Jessica Mandrino, a resident of Hamburg, NY, serves as a dedicated board member for Trusted Gives. She currently works at Trusted Nurse Staffing, where she has invested the last seven years in event planning and employee engagement. Her passion lies in curating memorable events and activities for people, bringing them to life through her hard work and seeing the joy they bring to people’s faces. Outside of her professional commitments, Jessica is a staunch advocate for community involvement, organizing volunteer events, fundraisers, and donation drives. Her contributions extend beyond her workplace, as she played a pivotal role on the Ralph C. Wilson Explore and More Museum’s “Incredible Hunt” committee and was a driving force behind the immensely successful 716 CommUNITY Day, which provided essential resources to the east side of Buffalo.

In her spare time, Jessica is a fitness enthusiast, particularly passionate about indoor cycling, where she also shares her expertise as a spin instructor in Western New York. Beyond her active lifestyle, Jessica shares her life with a loving husband, and two pets, cherishing quality time with her family whenever possible. She is a music enthusiast and will never say no to a concert.

Kate Glaser

Kate Glaser

Founder of Hope Rises Network

Kate's Bio

Kate Glaser is the founder of Hope Rises, beginning her journey of positive storytelling through the channel in October 2017. Kate is an award-winning television and print journalist, additionally with a career in nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Providing a voice to those she meets through the art of delicate storytelling is her passion. She is a mother of three children and a proud wife to a rockstar husband, who also has a heart for charity and helping others.

Ryan Stang

Ryan Stang

President of Stang Insurance Consulting

Ryan's Bio

Ryan Stang is a native of Hamburg, NY where he still resides today. He graduated from Frontier High School in 2002 and followed that by graduating from Buffalo State College with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Ryan has always had a passion for helping others. So after college he pursued a career in the life insurance industry, working for Mass Mutual for ten years. Being an independent thinker, Ryan decided to form his own company in 2019, Stang Insurance Consulting. There he would be able to help as many people, as transparently as possible, get the best life insurance guidance for them and their families. In 2023, he was voted the number one insurance agent in the Buffalo News’ “Best of 716” contest.

Ryan is also known throughout Western New York as an event planner by hobby. He’s hosts an annual Christmas party in the City of Buffalo yearly for going on 21 years now. Each year he donates a portion of the event to a different charity in need. He also formed an annual event back in 2009 called ‘Buffalo Spikes for Tykes’. With this co-ed volleyball tournament on the beach, he brings together his network of businesses and individuals to raise money for disabled and disadvantaged children in Western New York. To date, he’s raised roughly $300,000 for Jim Kelly’s foundation, Kelly for Kids. He also sits on the board for the Buffalo Hall of Fame Experience and the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Ryan is an avid sports fan, passionately rooting for all things Buffalo. When he’s not working or planning events he enjoys playing basketball or golf and hanging out with his family. He is married to Melanie and is a Girl Day being the father of three; Rylie, Delanie and Shaylie.


Ephraim Singh Atwal

Owner/Medical Director of Atwal Eyecare

Ephraim's Bio

Dr. Ephraim Atwal specializes in laser vision correction including LASIK and PRK, laser assisted small incision cataract surgery with premium multifocal intraocular lenses, glaucoma treatment and surgery, and corneal surgery.

He is the Director of the Atwal Laser Vision Correction and Aesthetic facility at the 3095 Harlem Road office in Cheektowaga, NY.

Dr. Atwal received his doctorate from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. He completed a fellowship with world renowned researcher, Dr. Herbert Kaufman at L.S.U. He completed his internship in internal medicine at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans and his ophthalmology residency at the Ochsner, Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Ophthalmology Program. Dr. Atwal is the Medical Director of Eye and Tissue services of ConnectLife.

Matt Enstice

Matt Enstice

President/CEO of Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Matt's Bio

Matt is the President and CEO of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc., a pioneering organization that has become a powerful engine of revitalization in Buffalo. Matt is focused on the intersection of energy, entrepreneurship & technology, and how it will drive the new economy in Buffalo and beyond. Matt has led the non-profit organization since its formation in 2002 to address shared issues among Campus institutions. Today, Matt oversees a team focusing on diverse, interrelated initiatives designed to lift the entire community including those in transportation, access and safety; energy, entrepreneurship, health & active living, infrastructure, economic opportunity, and youth & education. Under Matt’s leadership, foundations, private enterprises, research labs, local community leaders, hospitals, and educational institutions are collaborating to create a model for re-energizing the city that has applications all over America. Prior to returning home to Buffalo, Matt worked in the entertainment industry in L.A. and New York, for Broadway Pictures and with Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live. He is currently active on the boards of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation. Matt also serves as a commission member on the U.S. Commission on Transportation Sector Efficiency, part of the Alliance to Save Energy; and on the Advisory Boards for Niagara University, Daemen College, and the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation in New York City. Matt is married and lives in Buffalo with his family.